Wattkins Universal PCB v1.2

Wattkins Universal PCB

This is the official version of the Universal PCB. It replaces the Tweed 5E3 PCB from ppwatt.com.

When we say Universal PCB, we really mean it. This PCB was designed to include all the popular variations and mods from the 5E3 PCB plus some! It was created with all the traditional 12AX7/12AY7/6V6/6L6 circuits in mind, but engineered to work in just about any situation you can think of. Just check out the following features:

  • Designed for the Universal Chassis and Junior Chassis
  • Support for 12AX7, 12AY7, 5751, EF86 and more in V1
  • Supports heater/filaments on 4/5 & 9 or 4 & 5 in V1 & V2
  • Allows use of Russian pre-amp tubes such as 6N2P & 6J32P
  • Optional MOSFET (i.e. IRF830) cathode follower for V1
  • Choose between Paraphase, Cathodyne, or Long Tail Pair phase inverter
  • Choose between cathode or fixed bias
  • Optional tremolo support
  • Will also work with the following 9-pin combined Pentode/Triodes:
    6678 6LN8
    6AX8 6LX8 6CM8
    6BL8 6MG8 6KZ8 6AN8(A) 6EA8 6MQ8 6CS8
    6GH8(A) 6U8(A)
    6GJ8 7687
    6HL8 ECF80
    6JW8 LCF80
    6KD8 ECF802
    6KE8 LCF802
    6LM8 ECF82
    6AB8 ECL80
  • Fits the Mk3 Valve Junior with chassis modification.

It's also RoHS compliant.

All proceeds from the sale of this PCB go directly to the running and maintenance of the forums.


Price: $25.00
Weight: 4 oz.
Dimensions: 6in. × 9in. × 0.5in.