Wattkins Universal Chassis

Wattkins Universal Chassis - Front
Wattkins Universal Chassis - BackWattkins Universal Chassis - Inside


We sold out of the previous chassis run, and based on the latest feedback we've received, we've made the new batch even better with a few minor updates. By popular demand, the tube sockets and PCB mounting holes are now centered again, and all the holes except the tube sockets and IEC ground are pilot holes (like the Jr chassis). Also, 10/32" cage nuts are included.

This is a very sturdy 16" x 8" x 2.5" universal chassis that was designed to be compatible with our Universal PCB, as well as the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe PCB.

The chassis is the standard 16" x 8" size, except we've made some improvements. It's a 1/2" taller than standard to make it easier to work on and accommodate more parts.

It's also comes with pre-drilled holes for switches, lamps, pots, and jacks, as well as all cut-outs for the Tweed 5E3 PCB. It will work with most Valve Junior-compatible PCBs and turret boards (such as the Baby Will PCB) with very minor modification.

v1.3 Specifications:

Length: 16"
Width: 8"
Height" 2.5"
Thickness: 0.090"
Material: Aluminum (Aluminium)

Front panel:

The following holes have been pre-drilled (and will need to be enlarged as needed):

  • 1x pilot hole for input jack
  • 6x pilot holes for pots
  • 3x pilot holes for power, standby on/off switches and lamp

Rear Panel:

The following pilot holes have been pre-drilled (and will need to be enlarged as needed):

  • 1x hole for IEC power socket
  • 2x pilot holes for fuse holders or send/return
  • 3x pilot holes for 4Ω, 8Ω, & 16Ω output

Top panel:

  • 2x holes for 9-pin tubes
  • 2x holes for octal tubes
  • 7x pilot holes for mounting Tweed 5E3 PCB
  • 2x pilot holes for locating additional tubes (optional)
  • 3x pilot holes for grounds (one near input jack socket, two near IEC power socket)

Chassis Design Drawing (pdf)
[Note all holes are now pilot size except the IEC power socket and the 9-pin & octal tube holes]


Price: $50.00
Weight: 2 lb.
Dimensions: 18in. × 10in. × 4in.