Wattkins Junior Chassis

Wattkins Junior Chassis back


This is a very sturdy 12.25" x 6.875" x 2.75" chassis that is designed to be fully compatible with our Universal PCB and Tweed 5E3 PCB, as well as Epiphone Valve Junior-sized cabinets.

The chassis contains mostly pilot holes for maximum flexibility, and can be easily drilled to install most Guitaramplifierpcbs.com and Turretboards.com boards as well.

The front panel has 8 pilot holes arranged 3 + 5 for switches/lamp and pots/jack(s).

The top side has 15 pilot holes. This allows the builder to decide how many and what size of tube sockets to install. The pilot hole layout is similar to the larger Universal Chassis.

The rear panel is pre-drilled holes for an IEC socket and three Switchcraft sockets and includes two pilot holes for fuse holders.

We added one extra feature - side mounting holes for cage nuts - to allow a cabinet base to be attached separately from the rest of the cabinet which allows easy access to the inside of the chassis.

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Length: 12.25"
Width: 6.875"
Height" 2.75"
Thickness: 0.090"
Material: Aluminum (Aluminium)

Front panel:

  • 8x pilot holes (arranged 3 + 5)

Rear Panel:

  • 1x hole for IEC power socket
  • 2x pilot holes for fuse holders (optional)
  • 3x holes for 4Ω, 8Ω, & 16Ω output (Switchcraft-size - will need to be enlarged for Cliff)

Top panel:

  • 15 pilot holes which can be used for the following:
    • Up to 4x holes for tube sockets
    • 7x holes for mounting the Univeral PCB
    • 1x input jack ground
    • 1x output jack ground
    • 2x grounds near IEC power socket

The chassis comes with 4x 10/32" cage nuts.


Price: $40.00
Weight: 2 lb.
Dimensions: 18in. × 12in. × 4in.